There is plenty you should know as you begin to shop for a waterbed. Here is some help to get you started.


First decide between a frame style and a soft-sided waterbed. Frame style waterbeds are made of wood, generally pine, painted MDF or padded upholstery. There are numerous designs to choose from, simple or ornate, contemporary or traditional, to compliment your bedroom style and furniture.

A water mattress with a protective liner fits into the wooden frame. A temperature control system beneath the mattress and liner gives you the ability to regulate the bed to a comfortable sleeping temperature. A soft-sided waterbed looks like an ordinary divan. A foam frame surrounds the water mattress, hence the name ‘soft-sided’. It is comfortable to sit on the edge of a soft-sided waterbed. Matching headboards are optional. You can use an existing headboard or put a surround frame around a soft-sided bed.

Soft - Side
Framed Style


After deciding on a frame style or soft-sided waterbed, select the correct size. Choose the biggest bed you can, that will fit comfortably into your bedroom. Waterbeds are even better value in larger sizes. Longer lengths are available as standard.


Decide what your budget is. Waterbeds are very affordable and vary in price from under £500 to £2000+.