Aside from the comfort of sleeping on a waterbed, there are many other benefits. The warmth of the waterbed heater, the even support, and for some, the gentle motion of a semi-waveless mattress can have a calming effect, inducing sleep and countering the stress of everyday life.

A waterbed offers total body support, easing body aches. For those that must be confined for long periods to their bed, the water displacement that causes a state of weightlessness also eliminates pressure on the skin reducing the occurrence of bedsores.
Ordinary Mattress
Water Mattress

The ordinary mattress creates "pressure points" on those areas of greatest weight concentration.

The watermattress conforms to the exact shape of your body, provinding total support, and eliminating uncomfortable "pressure points".


A waterbed mattress cannot absorb skin and dust. Good new for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Wipe Away dust mites.


A waterbed mattress is very strong and durable.It cannot sag or lump, throughout years of service it will always provide maximum comfort and support.


You control the temperature of your bed. Cosy warmth in winter, cooler, refreshing in summer and the running cost is minimal.